We Brew It Right

At Sweetwater Restoration, we are focused on providing our customers with the best possible experience. With every endeavor, we strive to live out our core values of OWNERSHIP, INTEGRITY, DRIVEN, EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION, and PARTNERSHIP.

These are values that transcend our work-life and help shape our home-life and families. While we genuinely love what we do here at Sweetwater, we are much more than just a restoration company.

We love the outdoors, playing music, and spending time with friends. The hobbies are always evolving but one thing remains the same… Wherever we go and whatever we do, we are always sure to have a great cup of coffee with us.

Inspired by our love of coffee, in 2021 we partnered with a master roaster out of Chicago to release our own signature SweetWater Coffee blend – Black Badger.

The feedback we received was incredible and it inspired us to keep grinding (literally). In keeping with our motto, “We Make It Right”, we wanted to take the all too often disappointing and underwhelming experience of buying a bad cup of coffee and make it better, which in turn has inspired our new motto – We Brew It Right.

We have worked hard to build an exceptional reputation in the restoration industry, now we are hard at work on our new enterprise – providing our clients and friends with a great cup of coffee, all so you can focus on what truly matters: enjoying your morning before heading to work, engaging in a meaningful conversation with a loved one, or getting the boat ready for a day of fishing.

The Coffee: Our beans are imported directly from farms all over the world, before then being roasted in Chicago by our boutique master roaster. Along with our staple blend, Black Badger, we'll also be bringing you seasonal and rare specialty roasts, like our 2021 Hurricane Season roast – Storm Surge!

We are so excited for you to experience the joys of a great, handcrafted cup of coffee!



Black Badger

Multi-Country Blend

In honor of our new corporate office located off Badger Park Drive in Jacksonville, Florida, Black Badger is our Flagship blend. It is a straightforward coffee from Guatemala and Brazil with an exotic touch from Colombia. We love drinking this hot with a pour over or as a cold brew but can also be enjoyed as an espresso.




As spring's warmth awakens the earth, SweetWater brings back a seasonal favorite: Reawakening. With hints of dark chocolate and tangerine, this brew embodies the renewal and new growth that March brings with its warm embrace.