Our Company

About Us
A Business Built on the Value of Family.

SweetWater is a family-owned-and-operated general contractor spanning 2 generations. Our team understands the value of building long lasting relationships based off integrity, efficiency, customer service and quality of work. What began with the rebuilding of a Jacksonville, Florida, apartment complex – devastated by a 1986 Christmas Eve fire – has grown into a family-owned-and-operated business with an exceptional industry reputation. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, SweetWater Restoration is licensed throughout the entire southeast. Whether you need residential restoration, new commercial build, room addition, or other construction project, it's our goal to deliver a truly impressive finished product for every job.

We Make It Right - More than just words on paper, our motto at SweetWater is both our purpose and a promise to each and every person we do business with. Whether you are our client, our subcontractor or even our own employee, it is our determined goal to make every situation “right”. In our industry we are called in to help rectify difficult and often emotionally distressing circumstances. Fire, water, wind and even time itself can take a building that was strong and whole and leave it broken. That’s when we step in to Make It Right, and it is what we do best. This means putting together the perfect team. We create a partnership with the client, our SweetWater team and our subcontractors to best fit the needs of each individual project. Our promise is not just to restore a building but to restore peace of mind, and not just to the client but to each facet of our production


To Provide Expert Management through Faith, Family and Accountability.

Core Values

  • Ownership

    For each new project we take on, whether big or small, we take pride in its’ success. And to make sure that it succeeds, we take full ownership, sharing in both the victories and the failures. This ensures our clients that we have their best interests in mind as we make it our personal goal to deliver an impeccable product on a well-executed schedule.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is an often over-used and even cliche word when it comes to values. Nevertheless, SweetWater would not be the company it is today was it not for the integrity displayed by the actions of our management and staff over the past 30+ years. Success would be meaningless if it cost us our values. Fixing mistakes and working through issues with clients to best serve them has allowed us to build a brand steeped in trust and confidence.

  • Driven

    Whether its a call at 2:00 AM asking them to leave their family to take care of our client’s emergencies, or preparing to spend weeks away after a hurricane strikes the southeast; it takes a person with drive and dedication to make those sacrifices and take care of those counting them. In our business it is crucial for each employee to possess this drive, knowing that their sacrifices are making a difference in so many lives.

  • Excellent Communication

    Too many projects are postponed or even fail due to poor communication. This is why we strive to have a free flowing network of conversation between the client, our management and our field teams. This can help prevent, easily avoided, time and money wasting mistakes that could have been prevented by up-front and open conversation.

  • Partnership

    Creating partnerships is the essence of what we do at SweetWater. As a management company, we work with clients and subcontractors alike, forging partnerships that are designed to afford mutual success to all involved.