Our Company

About Us
A Business Built on the Value of Family.

SweetWater Restoration is a family-owned-and-operated disaster restoration contractor spanning 2 generations. Our team understands the value of building long lasting relationships based off integrity, efficiency, customer service and quality of work. We have built our business by working with clients through some of their most difficult times, helping them rebuild their business and reduce interruption by responding quickly. Our clients see the importance of putting a team together to protect their assets before a disaster arises. What began with the rebuilding of a Jacksonville, Florida, apartment complex – devastated by a 1986 Christmas Eve fire – has grown into a family-owned-and-operated business with an exceptional industry reputation. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Sweetwater Restoration is licensed throughout the entire southeast. When disaster strikes, SweetWater responds swiftly, taking immediate action to mitigate your loss. We’ll cover your roof, board-up windows, remove debris, install security fencing, help to restore utility service and begin to work with your insurer to quickly finalize the loss. In the meantime, we start the permitting process so that reconstruction can begin as soon as possible.

We Make It Right - More than just words on paper, our motto at SweetWater is both our purpose and a promise to each and every person we do business with. Whether you are our client, our subcontractor or even our own employee, it is our determined goal to make every situation “right”. In our industry we are called in to help rectify difficult and often emotionally distressing circumstances. Fire, water, wind and even time itself can take a building that was strong and whole and leave it broken. That’s when we step in to Make It Right, and it is what we do best. This means putting together the perfect team. We create a partnership with the client, our SweetWater team and our subcontractors to best fit the needs of each individual project. Our promise is not just to restore a building but to restore peace of mind, and not just to the client but to each facet of our production



The Why: It's about the empathy our team possesses and the compassion we display for our clients, their tenants, our partners and even our own team. We desire to be a part of making things whole again, and we do it the right way- through a higher standard that we hold ourselves accountable too.

Core Values

  • Growth

    Always becoming a better version of ourselves. Never settling, always moving forward, adding value.

  • Partnership

    A mutually beneficial relationship in which each side serves the other and seeks to provide value.

  • Stewardship

    Taking care of that which has been entrusted to you.